Friday Fitness #6!


This week has been better but I’ve still been lacking towards to end of the week, I’m an about to one now but as it’s Saturday, that’s included in next weeks! ūüėČ

Saturday; REST
Sunday; HASFITs 30 min kickboxing workout
Monday; POP HIIT we can’t stop workout
Tuesday; REST
Wednesday; TIU Jump your heart out
Thursday; REST
Friday; REST


I guess I still did 3 pretty good cardio workouts, lacking a bit on the toning/strength training though! Especially my abs! I just didn’t have time yesterday to get any in! Sienna would not nap for a good amount of time because she is teething ūüė¶

PS. I hit my goal weight of 119lbs this week! I never thought I’d see this number especially after having a baby, just proves with hard work you can achieve what you want!


Have a great weekend!! ūüôā

Natural Hero Products Review

Hot Ginger Muscle Soak RRP £9.99*, Ginger Muscle Rub RRP £9.99*, Peppermint muscle spritz RRP £11.99*

With all these workouts I’m doing, my muscle are sometimes very sore and I don’t like that to be a reason for me to skip one the next day.¬†Natural hero¬†products have been amazing at helping my muscles feel much better and allowing me to get more exercise in.

The hot ginger products are gorgeous and so warming for the muscles, they smell amazing and work really well when I feel achey or tense. They warm on the skin really giving a comforting feeling. I thought they’d be my clear favourite but in the past couple of days, the peppermint muscle spritz has overtaken them by a mile. On Sunday & Monday I did some hard core arm and chest work and I couldn’t even get my t-shirt off when I went to bed they were that painful. I grabbed the muscle spritz and asked Warren to spray my muscles. To be honest, I didn’t really expect much but thought I’d give it a whirl.

When I woke up I had a lot less pain and I know this wouldn’t have been the case had I not used it, it normally gets worse over night. It also smelt good and felt so refreshing on my sore muscles! These products are brilliant and I’m so impressed that they actually do work. They are pretty much all natural too and not tested on animals which is obviously a plus for me and because of that they are safe for using during pregnancy.

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If you want to try these for yourself, Natural Hero are offering you a massive 20% off with the code LWL20 until 30th September, so go and get yourself a bargain ūüôā

Which product will you be getting?

Going Gluten Free!

I have decided to go Gluten free. This is not a light hearted choice and it definitely is not because I think it will help me lose weight. But it is because I’m hoping it will stop my bloating, stomach pains and tiredness. ¬†

I have had stomach troubles for around 3/4 years now I think and I went to the doctors, said I thought I was lactose intolerant and they said to cut dairy out if it helps then carry on cutting it out and I may be that. 

It did help a bit so I carried on cutting it out but it still is not 100% better. I find it worse when I eat white bread so I try to avoid it. I constantly feel bloated, have bad stomach pains, feel really tired and sluggish and just horrible! I realised it could be gluten/wheat when we had our ‘cheat day’ on sunday. I ate a very embarrassing amount of pizza and biscuits all day and when I went to bed, I was nearly crying because I had the worst stomach pains and it clicked that I had eaten a lot of wheat and gluten and maybe that was why.

Today I haven’t had any gluten/wheat so far and I feel so much better already! I don’t feel bloated for once I actually (dare i say it) feel slim and how I think I should feel! I also haven’t had any tummy pains, so far, so good.

So I went to Morrisons to see if I could get some gluten free bits and I was not impressed. I hate our Morrisons anyway it is small and has no variety or range. In the frozen range they had yorkshire puddings, that is it! No sausages, pies, ready meal, nada. Here is what I ended up getting;


Not a great selection but enough for a few days to see if it helps. In one way I hope it does because it’s nice to not feel bloated all the time but on the other hand it’s going to be a pain in the arse when eating out and it’s also SO expensive. I’ve also noticed it’s mainly all white no wholemeal and there is a massive range of fattening cakes and biscuits, not much healthy stuff! BOO ūüė¶

If it doesn’t work, I’m thinking it’s probably IBS but we’ll talk about that when the time comes!


Question: Are you gluten/wheat intolerant? Any tips? 

Elete Electrolyte Concentrate!

You know those days where you have a workout planned but you just have no energy? This¬†Elete¬†concentrate has been helping me get through that & even Warren has noticed it working as well. So what is it? It’s basically an electrolyte concentrate so you can add it to water & make your own natural energy drinks instead of grabbing a lucozade.
As well as helping with energy & endurance, it also helps with hydration, mental focus & prevent muscle cramps. It has zero calories, and is natural so there is no sweetener, preservatives or flavourings. You can add it to plain water or add it to any drink or food. If you drink coconut water, it is a similar type of thing to that except I really hate the flavour of coconut so this is a winner for me!
With the original flavour, I really couldn’t taste any difference to my water although Warren could detect some saltiness but said it was very slight. We were also sent the¬†CitriLyte¬†which is a more citrus flavour, Warren says it does have a slightly stronger taste but I have an allergy to citrus flavours so I haven’t tasted it just in case I die! haha..!
Warren has been using his for football training and matches, he has found that during and afterwards, his muscles feel less¬†fatigued, he has more energy and feels more hydrated. He also thinks it helps him drink more water as he adds this too it rather than having a lucozade.¬†I also found it gave me more endurance and I didn’t feel exhausted afterwards.
We’ve been really enjoying using these and Warren will not go to footie without them now because he sees so much of a difference! I’m glad we tried these & I think the price is great, Warren says he will definitely be continuing with these and would recommend them. I don’t feel I need them as much because I only tend to do 20-30 mins but when I have time to do a big session, I make sure I use¬†Elete¬†in my water to make sure I have the energy and endurance to make it a good one. In September ¬†I am going to try & do more workouts than ever so I will definitely be using it to help me!
If you’re not into working out, these are also a great hangover cure to get your hydration up ūüėČ
 Question: Do you use energy drinks?

Fitness Friday #5!


This week hasn’t been great again, I’ve been lacking in time & energy! I only managed 2 workouts which makes me feel bad but sometimes life gets in the way, especially with a 10 month old who is nearly walking!

Saturday; 5k run with dad, much better this week! Done it at an average pace of 5:44 per km.
Sunday; REST
Monday; REST
Tuesday; 30 day shred level 3
Wednesday; REST
Thursday; REST
Friday; REST

Today I have done a workout but also eaten a lot. But i feel like my mojo is back for September and I’m going to be much more dedicated and try to make sure I make time for a workout rather than leaving it to the last thing on my list because then I never have time!


Question: How do you get your motivation back?

We Are Tea!

We all know I love a good cup of (green) tea and I have been exploring¬†We are tea’sfabulous range. They very kindly sent me this amazing package, isn’t the packaging beautiful! We Are Tea is an award winning tea business from London and is stocked in some of the most prestigious places including Harrods and Dean & Deluca.¬†
I was sent 3 teas from their Super range; Daintea, Felicitea & Activitea. The names are clever and fun which I love, Daintea is the slimming tea, Felicitea the happiness and Activitea energising. Their properties are pretty self explanatory, Daintea aids slimming, Felicitea aids happiness and Activitea aids ¬†more energy. I don’t know about you but I could definitely do with more energy at least! I was also sent ¬†2 samples of the ceylon with vanilla and the chamomile tea.¬†
I’m a lover of anything vanilla so this is the first one I tried and I loved it! It was very refreshing and not too over powering. In fact, I found none of the teas overly strong like I do with some, but they had a lovely strength of flavour. They all taste great and make a nice change from my usual green tea. The tea bags themselves are even beautiful, I love the biodegradable bags and how you can see all the pretty, natural ingredients. Not to mention the cup & saucer, adorable!¬†
You can try out We Are Tea’s range from their¬†website. Also find them on¬†Twitter¬†&Facebook.
Do you love tea?


Friday Fitness #5!



This week has been ok, but I am still lacking in energy! I think that is down to it being nearly my time of the month, I always feel the same the week before, I have no energy, stomach cramps & just want to snuggle on the sofa eating ice cream! But despite that, I haven’t given in & still tried to be healthy and get some workouts in! It has been mainly cardio as I really have not been in the mood for strength or anything.

Saturday; HASFITs 15 min intervals.
Sunday; REST
Monday; Denise Austin Ultimate fat burn workout & 10 min slow jog.
Tuesday; REST
Wednesday; 5k run
Thursday; Long walk.
Friday; REST


Question: Do you ever have a whole week of just cardio?

One of those days!

Yesterday was just one of those days. I got up really tired and was just in one of those lazy moods. I just wanted to sit on the sofa, drink tea and watch TV all day. Obviously, with a 9 month old that never happens but I did stay in my PJs all day and just pottered around the house playing and snuggling Sienna.


I had a run ‘scheduled’ at 5:45pm with my Dad, he usually runs 10k so I was a bit nervous! I die at 5k but wanted to push myself. Well, that did not happen. I don’t think i drank and ate enough and I just did not have any energy at all, I think that is because it’s nearly that ‘time of the month’. I always lack energy the week leading up to it. I couldn’t get in the zone either and just wanted to stop every 2 mins. But i did complete my 5k even if it took me 35 minutes! Although my average pace was 6:27 which is similar to what I do when me & Warren run 5k. So even though I stopped to¬†walk a lot more, when I was running, I was running faster because it averaged out. Do you get me?!


So even though it was harder than normal, I guess I still did ok. We are going again on Saturday to see if I can improve & hopefully I’ll fuel myself better. It also say I burnt 390 calories which I don’t believe?! I’ll have to check that my weight is¬†correct on it.

This morning I’m just chilling and doing some housework and then Sienna & I are walking to the park later and meeting Warren’s mum, sister & her boyfriend for playtime & dinner while Warren is at football. That should be lovely, so nice to get out!

At the moment Sienna is napping & I’m having a nice cup of hazelnut coffee from¬†Beanies &¬†chocolate from ohso.¬†Perfect ūüôā


Question: Do you ever find you’re not in the mood to workout?