Clearspring Organics!



Organic food is something I am slowly becoming conscious of, I have read a few contrasting stories but I think I am on team organic. Clearspring offers organic Japanese & European foods in the UK to help get organic back on the table. All their products are 100% vegetarian/vegan ingredients and have no artificial additives, MSG, colourings, preservatives or refined sugar. I was very kindly sent some goodies to try out; Coconut oil*Blueberry fruit spread* & 6 varied packs of Snack organic packs*


Coconut oil is amazing for literally everything. I’ve been using it for baking, cooking, spreading and even as a moisturiser! A little bit goes a long way and just knowing

 it is completely pure and organic makes it even better! 


The organic fruit spread is something I was looking forward too because I love my toast with jam but I never let myself have it because of the sugar. (I try to avoid refined and added sugar more so than fat because it is so much worse for you). This fruit spread doesn’t have that so although it is still quite high sugar, it is natural and 50% pure fruit. It tastes lovely, it has much more flavour than a jam and I feel so much better about eating it. I’m also much happier letting Sienna have it on toast instead of jam. I want to promote a healthy living as she is growing up as I think it is important. 


The snack packs have been so handy, I like nuts and seeds but I never take them as a handbag snack because I always end up spilling them and to be honest, I’m too lazy to portion them all out into tupperware. These are already done and easy to grab on the go but are healthy and tasty. I took a pack with me to Pilates last Sunday and had them after my workout, they were so tasty and much better than what I would have normally had!


I’m impressed with these products and the quality, the pricing is also good considering the fact they are so natural, organic, vegan etc. They also offer a whole load more unique products on their website; I’m very intrigued by the sweet grains desserts! 


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PS My food & fitness favourites went up too!


Enjoy 🙂