Holiday pictures!!

Hey guys, we’re back from Turkey. We’ve been back a while but i’ve been busy sorting my life out! (literally.. that post is to come!) We had an amazing time in Turkey, it was soo good and we definitely want to go back! I thought i’d just share some of the pics with you to show how great it was! 🙂

Excited before we set off..

Me, warren and his sister Staci, on the bus to the airport!

plane pics & view!

view of the pool from our balcony!

our balcony pics 🙂

some of the food, mm!

bikini shot, ❤ this bikini!!!

a walk down the street!

turkish bath!

on the jeep safari!

enjoying beer on the beach! 🙂

our photos from the mud baths!

enjoying the views!

we both also got tattoos on holiday! This is warren’s..

a musical note (treble clef) because of his love of music.

Mine doesn’t represent anything but i still love it..

🙂 overall, a very eventful holiday, we did quite a lot but it was so worth it and we loved every minute of it!!

Photos of the royal wedding bank holiday to come!! 🙂

Have you ever been to turkey? Where’s your favourite holiday destination?


14 day count down!

I’m really knuckling down now, it’s 14 days until we jet off to turkey, for our first holiday together. We’re going with my boyfriend’s mum and sister but it will still be great! 🙂

Somehow, i’ve got my motivation back! Reading all your blogs really helps me and gets me going! So today marks my first day. I forgot to weigh myself this morning but i’ll do it tomorrow!

Pre workout; 

Toast with pb and jam, coffee and water. (unpictured) @ 7:15am

Workout @ 8:40am.

Section ‘Cardio blitz’ from Hannah dvd-20 mins including warm up & intervals, i was SWEATING! Abs sections from Vicky dvd!

Breakfast/Post-workout @ 9am

A good start to my first day i think 🙂 i’m pretty happy!
I’m working 11am-8pm today so i made use of my morning rather than staying in bed or lazing around! I’ve packed a lunch and snacks to take with me;

Couscous, tuna in oil and sweetcorn! Yummy! 🙂

Snacks; Baked crisps, a square of chocolate and some dried apricots. I’ve also got  a nature valley bar if i ‘need’ it 😉

Because i’m working late, Warren will probably eat before i’m home and i’ll grab a salad on the way home! I don’t like eating heavy when it’s late, i get that ‘sicky’ feeling the morning after!


What do you take for packed lunches? Any ideas for healthy balanced snacks?

p.s happy april fools day!

A personal question.

Are you on the contraceptive pill? There, i said it! Many girls don’t talk about these things, but clearly i’m not shy. I’ve just been prescribed the pill, Yasmin to be precise. I want it for contraceptive protection (naturally) and to help clear my skin up. I know i go on about my skin and from pictures you can’t see it but i cover it well. With no make-up on, it’s pretty much all spots and bad acne scarring, NOT attractive..

However, i’m going to broach the main subject that all girls worry about, with or without being on the pill. Our weight. It’s probably psychological, but i’m worried about putting on weight with the pill. I have tried it before and although i wasn’t weighing myself to be sure, i felt like i had put weight on and that was enough to scare me off for life a few years.

I’m going to eat the same/healthier and start working out 3 times a week. Me, the bf, his mum & sister are jetting off to Turkey in april and i want to feel confident within my body to wear a bikini on the beach and not worry about my jiggly bits!

‘Us’ the happy couple 🙂



So if you’re on the pill, do you think it’s changed your weight, or do you think it’s all in the mind?