Body shapes.

I just done this test and thought it was interesting! Apparently i’m an hour glass shape. Click here to find out what you are.

You are a medium height hourglass shape

Illustration of an hourglass shape

Lady, check out your sexy curves! With your good height and curvaceous figure, you can take advantage of all types of classic cuts. Short, fitted jackets that cinch at the waist and finish just below your hips will elongate your body, showing off your legs and your narrow waist. Don’t forget to flaunt your assets – so chuck away polo neck jumpers and avoid smock tops like the plague! Avoid dresses made of tight, stretchy fabric – instead engage your inner 1950s icon with prom-style dresses in sumptuous fabrics and super-cute bolero cardigans. Pencil skirts look great on hourglass figures but choose your fabric wisely so it doesn’t ride up as you walk. Make the most of your cor-blimey curves with 4Beauty’s ultimate guide to dressing an hour-glass shape. Got the shopping itch? Check out 4Beauty’s Style Me clothes finder – it’s specially created for sexy hour-glass ladies, just like you!


Do you dress for your style? Do you think it makes a difference?


ps. we don’t have the internet at our new flat yet and i’m not sure when we will! But i’ll be back as soon as i can! i miss you guys and blogging! 🙂