Going Gluten Free!

I have decided to go Gluten free. This is not a light hearted choice and it definitely is not because I think it will help me lose weight. But it is because I’m hoping it will stop my bloating, stomach pains and tiredness.  

I have had stomach troubles for around 3/4 years now I think and I went to the doctors, said I thought I was lactose intolerant and they said to cut dairy out if it helps then carry on cutting it out and I may be that. 

It did help a bit so I carried on cutting it out but it still is not 100% better. I find it worse when I eat white bread so I try to avoid it. I constantly feel bloated, have bad stomach pains, feel really tired and sluggish and just horrible! I realised it could be gluten/wheat when we had our ‘cheat day’ on sunday. I ate a very embarrassing amount of pizza and biscuits all day and when I went to bed, I was nearly crying because I had the worst stomach pains and it clicked that I had eaten a lot of wheat and gluten and maybe that was why.

Today I haven’t had any gluten/wheat so far and I feel so much better already! I don’t feel bloated for once I actually (dare i say it) feel slim and how I think I should feel! I also haven’t had any tummy pains, so far, so good.

So I went to Morrisons to see if I could get some gluten free bits and I was not impressed. I hate our Morrisons anyway it is small and has no variety or range. In the frozen range they had yorkshire puddings, that is it! No sausages, pies, ready meal, nada. Here is what I ended up getting;


Not a great selection but enough for a few days to see if it helps. In one way I hope it does because it’s nice to not feel bloated all the time but on the other hand it’s going to be a pain in the arse when eating out and it’s also SO expensive. I’ve also noticed it’s mainly all white no wholemeal and there is a massive range of fattening cakes and biscuits, not much healthy stuff! BOO 😦

If it doesn’t work, I’m thinking it’s probably IBS but we’ll talk about that when the time comes!


Question: Are you gluten/wheat intolerant? Any tips?