The best 15 min workout & lightened up pesto recipe!

Today, I really wanted to get a workout in whilst Sienna napped & Woz was at footie but I had a few bits of house work to do first, which meant it needed to be quick. I remembered the HASFIT 15 min insanity workout we used to do and knew it would be perfect. 

I’m not sure if I just put more into it than I used too or if it was my new Zaggora fat burning leggings I was sent, but wow did I sweat! I was dripping from my eyes, lips, everything! Gross I know, but it means it was effective. I will definitely be doing this a bit more! A WIN for short workouts & Zaggora leggings!

For my lunch today I wanted something different, we had some chicken & wraps left and pesto sprung to my mind. I had a look on some of my favourite blogs for a recipe and Courtney came up trumps with this Lightened Up Pesto recipe.


Although mine lunch as a whole wasn’t as good as their panini’s, the pesto was delicious! I have some left over for tomorrow 😉

Now I’m off to bake brownies and have a relaxing night!

Question: Have you found any good recipes today?