We Are Tea!

We all know I love a good cup of (green) tea and I have been exploring We are tea’sfabulous range. They very kindly sent me this amazing package, isn’t the packaging beautiful! We Are Tea is an award winning tea business from London and is stocked in some of the most prestigious places including Harrods and Dean & Deluca. 
I was sent 3 teas from their Super range; Daintea, Felicitea & Activitea. The names are clever and fun which I love, Daintea is the slimming tea, Felicitea the happiness and Activitea energising. Their properties are pretty self explanatory, Daintea aids slimming, Felicitea aids happiness and Activitea aids  more energy. I don’t know about you but I could definitely do with more energy at least! I was also sent  2 samples of the ceylon with vanilla and the chamomile tea. 
I’m a lover of anything vanilla so this is the first one I tried and I loved it! It was very refreshing and not too over powering. In fact, I found none of the teas overly strong like I do with some, but they had a lovely strength of flavour. They all taste great and make a nice change from my usual green tea. The tea bags themselves are even beautiful, I love the biodegradable bags and how you can see all the pretty, natural ingredients. Not to mention the cup & saucer, adorable! 
You can try out We Are Tea’s range from their website. Also find them on Twitter &Facebook.
Do you love tea?



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