One of those days!

Yesterday was just one of those days. I got up really tired and was just in one of those lazy moods. I just wanted to sit on the sofa, drink tea and watch TV all day. Obviously, with a 9 month old that never happens but I did stay in my PJs all day and just pottered around the house playing and snuggling Sienna.


I had a run ‘scheduled’ at 5:45pm with my Dad, he usually runs 10k so I was a bit nervous! I die at 5k but wanted to push myself. Well, that did not happen. I don’t think i drank and ate enough and I just did not have any energy at all, I think that is because it’s nearly that ‘time of the month’. I always lack energy the week leading up to it. I couldn’t get in the zone either and just wanted to stop every 2 mins. But i did complete my 5k even if it took me 35 minutes! Although my average pace was 6:27 which is similar to what I do when me & Warren run 5k. So even though I stopped to walk a lot more, when I was running, I was running faster because it averaged out. Do you get me?!


So even though it was harder than normal, I guess I still did ok. We are going again on Saturday to see if I can improve & hopefully I’ll fuel myself better. It also say I burnt 390 calories which I don’t believe?! I’ll have to check that my weight is correct on it.

This morning I’m just chilling and doing some housework and then Sienna & I are walking to the park later and meeting Warren’s mum, sister & her boyfriend for playtime & dinner while Warren is at football. That should be lovely, so nice to get out!

At the moment Sienna is napping & I’m having a nice cup of hazelnut coffee from Beanies & chocolate from ohso. Perfect 🙂


Question: Do you ever find you’re not in the mood to workout?


Sweating it out!

I did it, I sweated it out & I feel much better! I actually had sweat dripping down my eyes! I did the Blogilates Gangnam style workout x8, it was good and so much fun, I can’t believe i have never done that one before! I’m much happier now I am back to feeling normal.


I forgot to mention earlier than I was sent more goodies on Friday from Clearspring.  Image


I have already tried the Blueberry spread, it is SO good and I am currently munching on a pack of the roasted seeds and soya with cranberry, delicious. I am yet to bust out the coconut oil, I’m a little scared as I don’t know what to do with it?! What do you use it for? Recipes? Let me know!

I have also been LOVING hemp milk in my coffee. It is SO good, so nutty and creamy and scrummy. Oo get in ma belleh!!


PS. My beauty blog was updated today! 


Question: What do YOU use coconut oil for?