A success

So yesterday was pretty successful! I did do my workout after blogging, even though it was BOILING!! and i also managed to cut down my portion at dinner. success!!

I did my favourite workout DVD, Vicky Binns Dance it off.

It’s about 40 minutes of aerobics, it is hard and then there’s the abs sections. I love this and i’m trying to do it 4 times this week. However, today i’m giving it a miss. Remember yesterdays lack of sleep? Well, today it’s even worse! I think the workout last night just killed me.. i could not wake up this morning and was grumpy because i was so tired! At work, i wasn’t busy today and i actually had an hours nap because i just couldn’t keep my eyes open!

So i think it’s better if i rest tonight and then i can feel refreshed tomorrow and get back on track! I also have a painful blister on the sole of foot that popped during last nights workout 😦 ouch!!

So following my rather painful workout, the bf had cooked a yummy chicken stir fry with egg noodles and soy sauce.

This is about half of my normal portion, so i did well! I was still a little hungry so we did have a cheeky hot chocolate just to feel a bit more satisfied..

Mm it was good, and pretty low in calories! πŸ™‚

So now i’m just chilling on the sofa, blogging and watching some mad programme called ‘babies behind bars’, one woman has 8 children, she had TWINS when she was just 11 years old!! Really? Is that even possible?! Geez…

Todays meal up to dinner have been the same as yesterday and tonight, i think we’re having some kind of pasta & sausage meal, yum! I might just have a little snack of this beauty..

How do you keep control of your portion sizes?


Another week goes by…

So as you see from my first post last week since forever, i decided i wanted to start up this blog again! In August, i got a new job which meant commuting quite far, working long hours and having no time to workout and i wasn’t really watching what i ate.

However, most of you might know, i met my boyfriend, moved in with him and his housemate and now we’ve just found our own flat together! We move in around the 4th February, hopefully! I’m now settled at work and have been taking my own lunches so i can eat more healthily. I haven’t noticed a massive weight gain, but that wasn’t really my problem in the first place, my priority is toning up with regular exercise. I’m trying to squeeze in some workout DVDs when i get the chance, but i’ve only managed 1 in the last 8 days! Today is my first day off since then, and i’ve been chilling with my boyfriend as we rarely get days off together! I’m planning to do one monday and wednesday and maybe friday evening, but i won’t be home until around 6:30pm!

I’m craving routine of exercise and hopefully when we get our own flat, i can do it 3 times a week for sure when i get home in the evenings. Sometimes i don’t finish until 7:00pm, then i have to get home (30 mins). How late is too late to workout in the evenings? Would you workout at around 8pm?

A bonus about Warren(the bf) is that he loves food and cooking and he also loves healthy foods! I usually get home from work and he’s already started on something for us! This is what we’ve been eating…

Chicken & vegetable stir fry.

Chicken breast, chips, steamed veg and ketchup.

Spaghetti Bolognese full of mushrooms, onion and peppers, with wholewheat spaghetti and topped with a little cheese.

And he’s currently in the kitchen, making a jalfrezi curry while i blog with coffee (and pick’n’mix, don’t judge, it’s my weekend off this month!) πŸ™‚ Life is good!!

What do you typically have for dinner on weekdays?

Cheesey kind of day & bad news!

Well today has been tiring. But i’ve been more active and i’m pretty proud πŸ˜€ More on that later..

My eats were yummy today, except my favourite breakfast! Boo!
I got up at 5:50am!Β  That’s commitment for you!.. haha! Made a ginger tea, drank a bottle of water & ate 1/2 a protein bar.

I did my 30 minutes of aerobics followed by my second ever green monster! (My mix made too much, so i had one last night and put one in the fridge overnight)

It wasn’t too bad but i made it with water not milk, so kind of just tasted like banana and water and a little hint of spinach! I then had my usual banana oats with PNB & cinnamon! But this morning my banana was too ripe and i couldn’t taste it, so again i just kind of had oats and water taste! Good job for the PNB πŸ™‚

I then had a 2 hour driving lesson; my last until my test next week! Scary! I came home with only about 20 minutes so i made a quick lunch.

Brocolli left over from last night, mixed with herb and garlic light soft cheese and lettuce in wholewheat wraps. A little saucy salsa on the side πŸ™‚ Along with a nice juicy apple.

My maxitone parcel also arrived with my protein shakes, bars and shaker, so exciting!!
At work i had the other half of my protein bar. I then got home and had a (pre-cycling) snack of my new obssession!

One slice wholemeal toast, a smidgen of extra light flora margarine (just so the toast isnt too dry), light cream cheese and low sugar jam! This is delicious! I love the savoury cheese with the sweet jam, mmm! Great for a quick, nutritional breakfast too! I enjoyed this with a skinny cappuccino πŸ™‚

Then me and the BF went off for a quick cycle! We only went about 2 miles altogether (up the track near my house) but i haven’t cycled in about 4 years or more!! I just had the urge earlier so we planned to go! It was soo nice! I can tell i haven’t done it for a while, my legs were burning on the most pathetic hill! haha!! But it is a start and we plan to go again tomorrow! πŸ™‚ I loved the freedom and being in the fresh air with it blowing in my face. Loved it!

It made me hungry though, i came home and cooked a yummy big jacket potato with baked beans, 2 slices of smoked ham, grated low fat hard cheese and balsamic vinegar! Delicious! No picture because the bad news is that my camera has died on me and my USB has burnt out, therefore i cannot charge it!! I need to ring up and see if they’ll send me another one, so it could be a while……

Also, just to let you know, i’ve added a page called ‘My Body Story’; the title is pretty self explanatory πŸ™‚

Right now my eyelids are hanging and i can hardly hold them open. It’s another early start tomorrow so i’ll be catching up with blogs and drinking proper english tea for a bit and then it’s off to bed!

Hope you had a good day πŸ™‚

Food Overdose

Yesterday was full of food! I probably did eat too much, but i had fun and a lovely day and that will add to my wellbeing aswell as my wasit line πŸ™‚ haha! We all deserve a little treat every now and then! It started off good, we (me & the bf) had a lie-in followed by my usual breakfast of Oats, milk, banana and peanut butter. With a coffee. Filled me up good and proper ready for our day ahead of shopping! I actually really don’t like shopping, but i had a few things to get so we had to go really. It was a lovely day! We even had blue sky! annnnd i got chance to bring out the sunnies for about the first time this year! (YES, i am actually that pale….)

In the car, my bf (who by the way is called Lawrence!or sometimes i write ‘L’ for short) had some of these that he’d left in there. They were on his seat in the sun so we thought they would be melted, i opened to see and they were just fine πŸ™‚ They were so tempting and with the nutritional information, i thought a few wouldn’t hurt!

They were so good, they tasted exactly like white chocolate maltesers, mmm! And they were on offer at only 80p per box!! Bargainnn πŸ˜‰ We then got to the shops and did all the shopping i needed. I got 2 pairs of cheap ballet pump shoes but other than that it was all food really from the health food shops! I also got a tub of cod liver oil capsules at an absolute bargain price!! But that’s another post….

That dark chocolate was a bargain πŸ˜€ I picked up the health magazine from holland and barretts aswell, it looks pretty good!! I got a packet of so crispy because i’ve heard alot about them! A Vanilla power pack protein bar for after my workout tomorrow and sweet chilli sauce because i had the BEST wrap for my lunch!

Boots Shapers Sweet chilli chicken wrap! Chicken, lettuce, red pepper, sweet chilli sauce and a red chilli wrap. Yumm! 275 calories, only 3.4g fat and a great 18g protein! It was a done deal the minute i saw that πŸ™‚ With a snack bag o’ carrots and Extra Light Oasis! I was so excited about this, i LOOVEE Oasis, but a regular bottle has about 200 calories and i’d rather eat my calories than drink them so i avoid it, but this beauty is much better;

I grabbed 2 bottles for good measure, one is chilling in my fridge as i type this! So until now my food has been GREAT! But it’s when we got home, when i get bored i start to eat and i was a little bored when we got back in the afternoon. I had 3 snacks and then a takeaway for tea! woops!

First snack was this delicious bar of goodness!

They are new so i had to get some to try them out, i got a box of white chocolate and a box of dark chocolate. For the record, i never knew how good white chocolate was until i got with Lawrence, it’s his favourite chocolate and before that, i never really ate it, now i’m hooked!Along with winegums, which i never used to eat! Talking of winegums…

Lawrence couldn’t resist this bargain, we munched through some of these and then this..

Ahhh how i love you mini eggs πŸ™‚ It was then back for yet more winegums, geeze!!
We then had tea; We got a curry from a local tandoori house, yum! I had a chicken jalfrezi with plain pilaw rice and one poppadom. I stupidly ate a whole green chilli (which i thought was a green bean!!!!) and thought i was going to actually die!! I was literally crying and couldn’t breathe, it hurt so much! I don’t have a picture because i didn’t want Lawrence’s parents to think i was stir crazy πŸ™‚ But it was a yummy BIG plate of food!

Me & Lawrence then cuddled up on the big squishy sofa, me in my pjs and this cutie (Daisy) snuggled on me…

..and his parents on the other sofa, with the other cat (Poppy) and we watched 40 days and 40 nights. I’ve never had cats or really been a fan of them, always a dog person, but Daisy and Poppy never really leave me alone, and now i’m converted! Me & L definately want cats when we move out! Perfect end to a yummy day πŸ™‚ I had a good 9 hours sleep last night too, yay! I LOVE sleep! I woke to make my breakfast! Sorry girls, no oats in a jar yet!! Probably tomorrow, i completely forgot today! Today, i have decided not to do any exercise because i was supposed to have yesterday and friday as days off, however on those days i still do alot of walking, my abs works and some weights. I know my muscles need a day to recover, so from now on i will workout everyday except Sunday!!But i have a QUESTION: Should i do30 mins cardio and my abs and weights work everyday? Or alternate cardio days with weight/toning days?

Hope you had a good Saturday!!

A bit of chocolate never hurt…

Today has been a bit of a horrible day. Not in any way particular, i just had a bad driving lesson and again i feel i have eaten lots because i’ve kind of been ‘picking’ this afternoon. I had my breakfast, the usual, then my driving lesson, i then came back and had a yummy slice of melon to ‘start’;

Then a scrambled egg, salad and salsa sandwic. Eggs+ Salsa = meant to be! Yummmmy! I was working 1pm until 7:50pm, so i had my lunch at noon and then 2 snacks in the afternoon. First snack was this;

A 150g greek yogurt, a handful of almond, oats & more cereal, a snack pack of raisins and a spoonful of low sugar jam. It was yummy! It was kept out the fridge for a couple hours though, so the cereal went soft but it was still yummy!! Second snack was nature valley bar, oats & honey. soo good!

Then when i got home, i had half a bowl of winter vegetable soup with a wholewheat wrap, low fat soft cheese and 2 pieces of ham. yummmmmmmmy!!

Nutritionally, this soup is great!! 51% vegetables, only 163 cals, 3.3g fat and just over 7g protein per serving! pretty good for a veggie soup!

I’ve also had 4 sqs of fruit & nut chocolate, a lemon sherbert boiled sweet and a few sugar free mint polos. All unpictured πŸ™‚ I guess looking at it now, it’s not much calories, just a lot of quantity! have a good weekend!!

Little Miss Piggy!

Yesterday i was so hungry!! I think it was because i did 30 mins aerobics and then some abs work and then straight onto my weights. Usually i do my weights and cardio on different days or one in the morning, one at night, not the whole lot together!

For breakfast, i had the usually oats with banana and peanut butter, but i tried it with a dollop of greek yogurt.

I’m not sure how i feel about it, i didn’t mix the yogurt in so it tasted a bit sour when i had that part! Maybe i should mix it all together next time!? I also added my banana in half way through the cooking time, instead of just sliced on top at the end-oh what a difference!! Definately nicer with cooked banana!
After my cardio and weights workout, i had my usually greek yogurt and th eother 1/2 my banana but i crumbled my first ever protein bar into it!

This beauty was spotted in a health food store which i went into just to have a look. Needless to say because i had no money on me, it was an awesome shop and i wanted to buy everything! So my mum gave me the money to buy just one of these to try it! I thought it was ok, but being my first ever protein bar i didn’t know what to expect- it tasted a little weird at first but i got used to it and by the time i came to have the other half in the evening, i loved it! I plan to go back there tomorrow because i’m sure i saw some Almond butter waiting to be sold πŸ˜‰

I think i was really thirsty after my workout and i didn’t drink enough, because i was craving cold milk! I should have just made a milkshake but being little miss pigy, i had a bowl of cereal and 2 kiwis!

I then had a second lunch! Geez!! What a fatty! Lol!I had a ham, cucumber and pickle sandwich.

I wouldn’t usually eat this much but i knew i had a dentist appointment straight after work at 5:10pm! Obviously i was at work so i couldn’t clean my teeth, so i didn’t have anything to eat from 12pm when i had my lunch before work, until about 6pm when i got home from the dentist! And i was quite hungry! I had the other half my protein bar, a lemon mousse and a spoon of peanut butter (naughty having 2 in one day!) and low and behold an empty pot!

I know some of you girls get excited about this but i don’t understand why. Why do you put your oats in it? Help me out girlies!!

The boyfriend was around after i had the dentist so i cooked something he wanted; Chicken Kievs! We had them with chips but i had a load of veggies (broccoli, green beans, peas and cauliflower) and a dollop of extra light mayo (we had no ketchup, shock horror!) too!

I really want to try to make my own chicken kievs one day, because i know they’re pretty calorific and fattening! These were a lower fat brand so they weren’t too bad i guess. It was then off to the supermarket for some late night shopping! I wasn’t hungry when i got back but the boyfriend brought some new cinnamon cereals so i had to try them! A bit of a food overload yesterday! Today is going to be alot better! I’ve already had my breakfast, and i’m shortly off for a practise driving test! Ahhh!! not long to go until my real one!!

Exquisite Eats

Last night i did do my weight circuit, and my abs workout, but i didn’t walk my dog. I got an early night and today i feel back to my normal self, yay! It was meant to be a resting day though, but i still did a 15 minute walk and my abs work!!

Today has been good, i have enjoyed every meal, everything’s tasted so good! Breakfast was the same as yesterday, porridge with 1/2 banana and PB! Yummy!! I snack on the other 1/2 banana and a snack pack of raisins. Lunch was this delightful plate of food;

A turkey ham, grated carrot and extra light mayo wholewheat wrap, cucumber disks with a spoon of light herb cheese and a packet of baked crisps! Yummy! Followed by a decaf coffee and 1/2 square of dark chocolate! Double yummy!!

At work at around 3pm, i snacked on a product new to me;

Nature Valley bars in 3 different flavours; Canadian Maple Syrup, Oats & Honey and Apple Crunch.Β  I tried a Canadian Maple Syrup one the other day and it was lovely. Today it was turn of the Apple Crunch, (as you may be able to tell i love apples and anything flavoured apple, hence the name of this blog!!) the result?? Absolutely delicious! definitely a new favourite product and one i’m going to buy everytime i visit the supermarket. It tastes like cinnamon and if you’ve ever had a cinnamon Danish pastry, it tastes EXACTLY like them! It was soo good and feels really naughty but they’re not too bad in terms of nutrition!Β  I had to come home and give one straight to my boyfriend to try and he agreed he will have to buy some! He’s not big on breakfasts, so i told him one of these with a piece of fruit and a light yogurt would be a pretty nutritious brekkie!

For dinner i made us an old favourite of mine..

Sausage & Tomato Pasta.
Serves 2.

You will need;

  • 2 handfuls wholewheat pasta,
  • 4 low fat/lean sausages,
  • 250g shop bought or homemade tomato based pasta sauce,
  • 160g cut green beans (or any other vegetable you want)
  • balsamic vinegar,
  • grated low fat/mature cheese.

1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees,
2. At the same time, put 2 small pans of water on to boil; one for the pasta, one for the green beans,
3. When the oven has heated, pop the sausage on a baking tray and prick with a fork a couple of times,
4. When both pans of water are boiling, add your 2 handfuls of pasta to one saucepan and the green beans to the other,
5. Cook your pasta for about 15 minutes, or according to instructions, mealwhile checking the sausages are browning, turning them if you need too,

6. When the pasta is cooked, strain it and put into a seperate bowl,
Using the same saucepan you used to cook the pasta, warm the tomato sauce and add the cooked green beans,
8. When the sauce and beans have warmed through, add in the cooked pasta,
9. Take the sausages out the oven, cut into bitesize pieces and add to the pasta and mix,
10. Split the mix into 2 bowls, sprinkle with balsamic vinegar and grated cheese and voila!

This is probably my favourite thing to eat! Everyone seems to think pasta is a diet enemy, but it really doesn’t have to be if it’s not white pasta or drenched in a creamy sauce. This really is delicious and nutritious!! As any recipe it can be mixed up with any type of meat (i sometimes use chicken or even sliced of ham) and vegetables (mushrooms is a good one!).

After this, I was in the mood for cold ice cream after getting hot from cooking, so i decided on one of these;

A yummy Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich at only 100 calories! These are also something i tried for the first time and again a success!! I will definitely be looking at what other products are in this range!! So all in all a delicious day in terms of food!

Tomorrow i am going to try something new, usually i get up at 7am, have breakfast and wait until 8:30am to do my workout.
That’s all good while i’m only working part time, but when i start full time, i’m not going to have time to wait around an hour before working out. So i think i’m going to try getting up, having 1/2 a protein bar and an apple, wait 20 minutes and then workout, then have breakfast after my workout. How do you juggle workouts with a full time job??

I also need help with my recipe page, i don’t understand how you can get sub pages to link to different recipes?? Mine are all in one post andΒ  don’t like it! Any help??