3 Day Hangover?!

I did the ultimate ‘health blogger’ sin. I went out & got drunk. Yes, Saturday night saw me stumbling out of a club and home to my mums for only 3 hours sleep before Sienna needed me. 


Having a big interest in health & fitness, I don’t make a habit of drinking a lot. In fact, I don’t even really like the stuff. I suppose that’s probably worse as when I do drink, it’s a binge drinking session to purely get drunk. It’s no fun going clubbing with your friends if you’re the only sober one after all!


The thing i hate most about it, is i suffer really badly. It’s now 4 days after the sin binge and I still don’t feel back to ‘normal’. I still feel a bit light headed, dizzy, the thought of certain foods turn my stomach… Needless to say the past 4 days have been spent led on the sofa stuffing my face with carbs. No workouts, not much water, not much veg. It’s now that I regret it, all I want is to feel better and get back to working out & feeling strong, not relying on sugar laden cake to make me feel better for 20 minutes.


Today, I am feeling slightly better than yesterday. I’m going to get some water and green tea into me to try and rehydrate and then do some light cardio. You’ve all heard the term ‘sweat it out’ ;).


Lack of sleep

This weekend was a heavy one, Saturday night we went out to some pubs/clubs with some of Warren’s colleagues. We didn’t get in until about 3:30am Sunday.. ugh! I probably drank far too much alcohol and ate too many cheesy chips, but we had a good night!! Warren had been out from 10:30am to watch the England V Sri Lanka cricket game, i had to work so i met with them afterwards about 8:30pm!

I was the only girl and the men he was with were a lot older but we still had a good time! I was going to drink and drive us home but i decided, i rarely go out and it’s my birthday on Thursday so i’ll celebrate now! I didn’t drive home, obviously, we got a cab and i left my car in the car park!

Here are some pics from our night!

somehow i came home with a wedding ring!?..


So after this weekend, i am soo tired! And i feel like i’ve eaten and drank loads of rubbish, i just feel hugeeee! So what better way to get rid of it than a really healthy detox week??!

Well, you all know i couldn’t REALLY detox.. i’m just watching what i eat a bit more!

This morning i had my usual bowl of mixed cereal, but i had vanilla rice milk instead of original oat milk.

The vanilla rice milk is very sweet and i didn’t like it in my coffee, my in my cereal it was alright!

Lunch was taken with me and eaten at work. It was a pretty boring lunch, a garlic chicken & mayo sandwich and a packet of hula hoops!

This is a standard lunch for me because its easy to take and fills a hole! So expect to see a lot of these!

My afternoon/pre workout snack was pb & banana!

This fuels me well, is easy to take to work and is yummy! This is my usual afternoon snack everyday!

I got in from work about half an hour ago and Warren has just got home now! I’m just drinking coffee to try and wake me up, i need to do a workout but really not feeling it!!

How do you get motivated for a workout after you’ve been at work and/or you’re tired?