Fitness Friday #5!


This week hasn’t been great again, I’ve been lacking in time & energy! I only managed 2 workouts which makes me feel bad but sometimes life gets in the way, especially with a 10 month old who is nearly walking!

Saturday; 5k run with dad, much better this week! Done it at an average pace of 5:44 per km.
Sunday; REST
Monday; REST
Tuesday; 30 day shred level 3
Wednesday; REST
Thursday; REST
Friday; REST

Today I have done a workout but also eaten a lot. But i feel like my mojo is back for September and I’m going to be much more dedicated and try to make sure I make time for a workout rather than leaving it to the last thing on my list because then I never have time!


Question: How do you get your motivation back?

One of those days!

Yesterday was just one of those days. I got up really tired and was just in one of those lazy moods. I just wanted to sit on the sofa, drink tea and watch TV all day. Obviously, with a 9 month old that never happens but I did stay in my PJs all day and just pottered around the house playing and snuggling Sienna.


I had a run ‘scheduled’ at 5:45pm with my Dad, he usually runs 10k so I was a bit nervous! I die at 5k but wanted to push myself. Well, that did not happen. I don’t think i drank and ate enough and I just did not have any energy at all, I think that is because it’s nearly that ‘time of the month’. I always lack energy the week leading up to it. I couldn’t get in the zone either and just wanted to stop every 2 mins. But i did complete my 5k even if it took me 35 minutes! Although my average pace was 6:27 which is similar to what I do when me & Warren run 5k. So even though I stopped to walk a lot more, when I was running, I was running faster because it averaged out. Do you get me?!


So even though it was harder than normal, I guess I still did ok. We are going again on Saturday to see if I can improve & hopefully I’ll fuel myself better. It also say I burnt 390 calories which I don’t believe?! I’ll have to check that my weight is correct on it.

This morning I’m just chilling and doing some housework and then Sienna & I are walking to the park later and meeting Warren’s mum, sister & her boyfriend for playtime & dinner while Warren is at football. That should be lovely, so nice to get out!

At the moment Sienna is napping & I’m having a nice cup of hazelnut coffee from Beanies & chocolate from ohso. Perfect 🙂


Question: Do you ever find you’re not in the mood to workout?