Sweating it out!

I did it, I sweated it out & I feel much better! I actually had sweat dripping down my eyes! I did the Blogilates Gangnam style workout x8, it was good and so much fun, I can’t believe i have never done that one before! I’m much happier now I am back to feeling normal.


I forgot to mention earlier than I was sent more goodies on Friday from Clearspring.  Image


I have already tried the Blueberry spread, it is SO good and I am currently munching on a pack of the roasted seeds and soya with cranberry, delicious. I am yet to bust out the coconut oil, I’m a little scared as I don’t know what to do with it?! What do you use it for? Recipes? Let me know!

I have also been LOVING hemp milk in my coffee. It is SO good, so nutty and creamy and scrummy. Oo get in ma belleh!!


PS. My beauty blog was updated today! 


Question: What do YOU use coconut oil for?