Friday Fitness #6!


This week has been better but I’ve still been lacking towards to end of the week, I’m an about to one now but as it’s Saturday, that’s included in next weeks! 😉

Saturday; REST
Sunday; HASFITs 30 min kickboxing workout
Monday; POP HIIT we can’t stop workout
Tuesday; REST
Wednesday; TIU Jump your heart out
Thursday; REST
Friday; REST


I guess I still did 3 pretty good cardio workouts, lacking a bit on the toning/strength training though! Especially my abs! I just didn’t have time yesterday to get any in! Sienna would not nap for a good amount of time because she is teething 😦

PS. I hit my goal weight of 119lbs this week! I never thought I’d see this number especially after having a baby, just proves with hard work you can achieve what you want!


Have a great weekend!! 🙂


I’M BACK! An update :)

Woah guys, so I have decided to come back to my wordpress account because to be honest, I missed it. I have updated my ‘About Me’ page but I will give you a little more detail as to what I’ve been up to while I’ve been away.

Some of you may know already, I HAD A BABY! Yes, that’s right, in March 2012 we found out I was pregnant which was a massive shock but a blessing too!

We now have a perfect, healthy 8 month old little girl, Sienna Olivia.  

Unfortunately, my pregnancy was awful. I had horrendous sickness pretty much all the way through. As much as I wanted to stay healthy,  all I could manage to keep down was macdonalds, bacon sarnies and chocolate soya milk. I was also too sick, tired & scared to workout. Needless to say, I put on around 3 stone! 

ImageMe on my due date! 07/11/12.. Sienna was born the next day!

I was pretty unhappy with my body post partum (pp) but I did give it a break. After all, when I was 6 weeks pp it was christmas! No-one wants to diet at christmas so I didn’t start my project get my body back until around 2nd January, nearly 8 weeks pp.



I worked REALLY hard to get my body back, at one point I nearly gave up as I didn’t think anything was changing. I kept going and through eating clean and working out, slowly I lost the weight. I took up pilates which has given my body a lot more tone than I had even before pregnancy. I am smaller all over than pre pregnancy, measurements and weight. I am pretty happy with how my body is looking and I have never been more comfortable in my own skin, which is ironic as now I have stretch marks and a little loose skin on my tummy, but I’m proud! Proud of our baby girl, proud of my body for going through it all and proud of myself for getting it back and not giving up.


So I have returned to hopefully update daily on what I’m eating, what I’m loving, workouts I’m doing and just general daily lifestyle posts. I hope you enjoy 🙂