So i have been slightly unfaithful to this blog.. i have got back into my fitness a little bit, i only did 1 workout last week but it was my ‘time of the month’ and i just get so exhausted its unbelievable! This week i have done one (yesterday) and i’m a bit unsure about whether to count it as a workout. You see, i did a different workout DVD, that i haven’t done in ages.

Now sometimes i do the ‘cardio’ section from this, but being only around 15-20 mins long, i never feel i work hard enough. So yesterday, i decided to follow it up with the ‘toning’ section.

Well, i nearly died.
I don’t remember it being that hard, i had to switch it off not even half way through.. bad!

So, i did work hard, i felt it and i bloody feel it today! My bootie and my back/arms muscles definitely worked.

But because i switched it off not even half way through, i feel like i failed. What’s your take on it?

On the food note, i haven’t really been watching what i eat at all. You see, we’re pretty skint right now.. and it’s SO hard to eat well on no money, no matter what anyone says. So i’ve been eating whatever we can afford really. Its bad but i don’t feel too horrible about it because i know its not my choice. I love to eat healthy, i love to be healthy and i would CHOOSE to be healthy, but its not feasible at the moment and i don’t really ย have a choice right now, i’ve got to make do.

I just got in from grocery shopping and just wanted to share a few ‘new’ products to me and my shopping trolley.

First up, these blue diamond spicy BBQ almonds! I always see these on other blogs, mainly american girlies, so i was excited to see these and just bought them because of that reason! I’m sure they’ll make a yummy snack though!

And these wholegrain crisps! YUM! A little way to make my lunches/snacks healthier and get my wholegrains ๐Ÿ™‚

Lastly, on the baking front, i’m super excited to make a breakfast oat cake ย prettyย soon!

What’s your fav thing to eat for breakfast?

A success

So yesterday was pretty successful! I did do my workout after blogging, even though it was BOILING!! and i also managed to cut down my portion at dinner. success!!

I did my favourite workout DVD, Vicky Binns Dance it off.

It’s about 40 minutes of aerobics, it is hard and then there’s the abs sections. I love this and i’m trying to do it 4 times this week. However, today i’m giving it a miss. Remember yesterdays lack of sleep? Well, today it’s even worse! I think the workout last night just killed me.. i could not wake up this morning and was grumpy because i was so tired! At work, i wasn’t busy today and i actually had an hours nap because i just couldn’t keep my eyes open!

So i think it’s better if i rest tonight and then i can feel refreshed tomorrow and get back on track! I also have a painful blister on the sole of foot that popped during last nights workout ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ouch!!

So following my rather painful workout, the bf had cooked a yummy chicken stir fry with egg noodles and soy sauce.

This is about half of my normal portion, so i did well! I was still a little hungry so we did have a cheeky hot chocolate just to feel a bit more satisfied..

Mm it was good, and pretty low in calories! ๐Ÿ™‚

So now i’m just chilling on the sofa, blogging and watching some mad programme called ‘babies behind bars’, one woman has 8 children, she had TWINS when she was just 11 years old!! Really? Is that even possible?! Geez…

Todays meal up to dinner have been the same as yesterday and tonight, i think we’re having some kind of pasta & sausage meal, yum! I might just have a little snack of this beauty..

How do you keep control of your portion sizes?

Lack of sleep

This weekend was a heavy one, Saturday night we went out to some pubs/clubs with some of Warren’s colleagues. We didn’t get in until about 3:30am Sunday.. ugh! I probably drank far too much alcohol and ate too many cheesy chips, but we had a good night!! Warren had been out from 10:30am to watch the England V Sri Lanka cricket game, i had to work so i met with them afterwards about 8:30pm!

I was the only girl and the men he was with were a lot older but we still had a good time! I was going to drink and drive us home but i decided, i rarely go out and it’s my birthday on Thursday so i’ll celebrate now! I didn’t drive home, obviously, we got a cab and i left my car in the car park!

Here are some pics from our night!

somehow i came home with a wedding ring!?..


So after this weekend, i am soo tired! And i feel like i’ve eaten and drank loads of rubbish, i just feel hugeeee! So what better way to get rid of it than a really healthy detox week??!

Well, you all know i couldn’t REALLY detox.. i’m just watching what i eat a bit more!

This morning i had my usual bowl of mixed cereal, but i had vanilla rice milk instead of original oat milk.

The vanilla rice milk is very sweet and i didn’t like it in my coffee, my in my cereal it was alright!

Lunch was taken with me and eaten at work. It was a pretty boring lunch, a garlic chicken & mayo sandwich and a packet of hula hoops!

This is a standard lunch for me because its easy to take and fills a hole! So expect to see a lot of these!

My afternoon/pre workout snack was pb & banana!

This fuels me well, is easy to take to work and is yummy! This is my usual afternoon snack everyday!

I got in from work about half an hour ago and Warren has just got home now! I’m just drinking coffee to try and wake me up, i need to do a workout but really not feeling it!!

How do you get motivated for a workout after you’ve been at work and/or you’re tired?

14 day count down!

I’m really knuckling down now, it’s 14 days until we jet off to turkey, for our first holiday together. We’re going with my boyfriend’s mum and sister but it will still be great! ๐Ÿ™‚

Somehow, i’ve got my motivation back! Reading all your blogs really helps me and gets me going! So today marks my first day. I forgot to weigh myself this morning but i’ll do it tomorrow!

Pre workout;ย 

Toast with pb and jam, coffee and water. (unpictured) @ 7:15am

Workout @ 8:40am.

Section ‘Cardio blitz’ from Hannah dvd-20 mins including warm up & intervals, i was SWEATING! Abs sections from Vicky dvd!

Breakfast/Post-workout @ 9am

A good start to my first day i think ๐Ÿ™‚ i’m pretty happy!
I’m working 11am-8pm today so i made use of my morning rather than staying in bed or lazing around! I’ve packed a lunch and snacks to take with me;

Couscous, tuna in oil and sweetcorn! Yummy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Snacks; Baked crisps, a square of chocolate and some dried apricots. I’ve also got ย a nature valley bar if i ‘need’ it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Because i’m working late, Warren will probably eat before i’m home and i’ll grab a salad on the way home! I don’t like eating heavy when it’s late, i get that ‘sicky’ feeling the morning after!


What do you take for packed lunches? Any ideas for healthy balanced snacks?

p.s happy april fools day!

Losing the way.

I feel i have lost my way lately. With this blog, healthy eating and life in general. I haven’t been watching what i eat or working out. I’ve put on a whole stone from when i feel i was ‘happy’ with my body. It’s making me feel down because i don’t feel happy in my own skin. I don’t feel attractive, i don’t feel like going out and i don’t really have an excitement for life. Now don’t get me wrong, i know i’m not huge. But i’m not happy either and that’s what bothers me more than what my number on the scales is.

Janetha posted an amazing post the other day, and you just have to read that to see what i’m trying to say about slacking.

I have no motivation to workout or eat healthy really. I’m feeling like everything’s a chore and i’m way too tired to even care. It’s annoying me (and the bf) because i just feel so down all the time and don’t want to do anything. I need to snap out of it and get some energy back!!


Here’s what i think is contributing to my lack of motivation and energy:

-Not having a work life balance. I work long hours and i’m often tired so on my days off, i just want to rest and not do anything.

-I don’t get much fresh air. I drive and get the bus to work then i’m in a hot spa all day and then i got home, cook and go to bed.

-I’m eating the wrong type of foods and too much of it. My general meals are ok but snacks and bad!

-I think of a workout as a chore, no to de-sress and me time. I feel rushed to get a workout in so i don’t bother.

-I’d rather stay in bed and cuddle than get up early to workout.


So i’m trying to change these things. I’m starting to change the way i think and feel. Here was breakfast this morning;

2x weetabix, a handful of clusters, soya milk, cinnamon and soya yogurt. Also a mug of coffee unpictured.
I then took the dogs out for a few minutes and took some deep breaths of fresh air!

Today i’m going to focus on being happier ๐Ÿ™‚


Any tips for motivation? How do you get out when you’re stuck in a rut?

Analyse my diet!

So today i had a day off and decided to snap everything i ate. I’m going on holiday to Turkey on the 14th April and i really want to have a bikini body to be comfortable in. I thought giving you an insight of my days eat would help you give me some advice on what i can change to get bikini ready!

Baring in mind, yesterday i had my braces changed and so i’m finding it difficult to chew and bite down, therefore i have to eat ‘soft’ foods for a few days!

I started the day with some oats, 1 sliced banana, full fat soya milk, cinnamon and low fat peanut butter.

i love the way it melts, mmm!

I left a good hour to digest this and guzzle down a litre of water. I then did a small workout. Just a 10 min warm up, 15 min cardio workout and 10 minutes abs & cool down. All from this DVD, which i LOVE! I’m easing in the exercise slowly, so i don’t become exhausted in the first week. I’m planning to do this quick workout every other day, then increase it.

After my workout, i took a long shower and then it was lunch time!

I had sausages in the fridge that needed cooking, i cooked them all and then used 2 to make a sandwich for my lunch, with ketchup and wholemeal bread! ๐Ÿ™‚ Probably my favourite thing to eat..

I also had a coffee and a go ahead oat bar after my sandwich.

For my afternoon snack i had a small bowl of soggy cereal with soya milk.

A mix of shreddies and cornflakes. yummy!

When Warren got home from work, we decided to have a go at making a mexican omelet.

Recipe to come, it was delicious, i had 2nd helpings!


From analysing my diet i can see;

– It’s very carb heavy (even though it’s mainly wholegrains),
– It’s really lacking in fruit and vegetables,
– I could do with some protein packed snacks, instead of sweet carbs.


Do you have any ideas how to improve my diet? Any protein packed snack ideas (suitable for my lactose intolerance)?

Another week goes by…

So as you see from my first post last week since forever, i decided i wanted to start up this blog again! In August, i got a new job which meant commuting quite far, working long hours and having no time to workout and i wasn’t really watching what i ate.

However, most of you might know, i met my boyfriend, moved in with him and his housemate and now we’ve just found our own flat together! We move in around the 4th February, hopefully! I’m now settled at work and have been taking my own lunches so i can eat more healthily. I haven’t noticed a massive weight gain, but that wasn’t really my problem in the first place, my priority is toning up with regular exercise. I’m trying to squeeze in some workout DVDs when i get the chance, but i’ve only managed 1 in the last 8 days! Today is my first day off since then, and i’ve been chilling with my boyfriend as we rarely get days off together! I’m planning to do one monday and wednesday and maybe friday evening, but i won’t be home until around 6:30pm!

I’m craving routine of exercise and hopefully when we get our own flat, i can do it 3 times a week for sure when i get home in the evenings. Sometimes i don’t finish until 7:00pm, then i have to get home (30 mins). How late is too late to workout in the evenings? Would you workout at around 8pm?

A bonus about Warren(the bf) is that he loves food and cooking and he also loves healthy foods! I usually get home from work and he’s already started on something for us! This is what we’ve been eating…

Chicken & vegetable stir fry.

Chicken breast, chips, steamed veg and ketchup.

Spaghetti Bolognese full of mushrooms, onion and peppers, with wholewheat spaghetti and topped with a little cheese.

And he’s currently in the kitchen, making a jalfrezi curry while i blog with coffee (and pick’n’mix, don’t judge, it’s my weekend off this month!) ๐Ÿ™‚ Life is good!!

What do you typically have for dinner on weekdays?