Fitness Friday #4!


This week I’ve been struggling for time & energy, so it has mainly been walking! This makes me so annoyed because I really want to do great workouts but I’m exhausted and even if I get started, 10 mins and I’m done! ARGH! I think it’s stress, so me and Sienna have a new schedule that will hopefully give me more time and less stress meaning better workouts! 🙂

Saturday; Family walk
Sunday; REST
Monday; Short easy walk.
Tuesday; Blogilates gentlemen workout & 30 min kickboxing workout.
Wednesday; REST
Thursday; 30 day shred level 2 & Tone It Up Sleek & slender abs
Friday; REST

The kickboxing is a workout I used to do a couple of times a week with Warren when I first started to lose my baby weight. I hadn’t done it for months and while I noticed my fitness has improved, I clearly haven’t been working those areas much as my muscles are SO sore. My trapezius & triceps… ouch!! It’s good pain though 🙂 I’m going to be adding this back in to my workouts, I kind of forgot about it but it’s so fun and a great workout!

Question: How did your workouts go this week?


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