If you’re a runner you will know how annoying it can be when your earphones won’t stay in. It’s annoying and puts you off and you end up distracted. I ended up not even taking mine recently as they just annoy me too much. (How many times can I say annoy?!) 
That was until I got my Yurbuds inspire for women. In bright pink, of course! They do also offer other colours if you aren’t as barbie inspired as me 😉 
When you first look at these, they look rather odd and even a bit ‘scary’. You’d think they would be uncomfortable but they are far from it, they are actually the most comfortable I have ever tried. Designed for women they are made specifically for smaller ears so they fit very well. They have the Flexsoft™ technology so almost mould to the ear and using the TwistLock™ they feel completely secure as well. The sound is brilliant from them and they have the added bonus of being sweat resistant and waterproof.  
I’m so glad I can now run whilst listening to music and focus on my run, I barely even feel I have them in so there’s no pain afterwards either! Yurbuds offer a solution for every athlete, not only women. check out their whole range the website. 
Also find them on Facebook & Twitter.

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