Fitness Friday #3!


This week has been much better than last at getting workouts in but they have been short and sweet! But again, it’s better than nothing!


Saturday; REST
Sunday; 1 hour Pilates class.
Monday; REST
Tuesday; 30 min jog.
Wednesday; 4.88km walk with Sienna in the buggy & Blogilates August day 7 except i subbed abs on fire for abs all night.
Thursday; REST
Friday; Blogilates food baby HIIT & 10 min jog.

So I’m quite happy with that, I tried Pilates for the first time (an actual class) and it was ok, I expected it to be more cardio like blogilates but it was very slow and controlled and more strength work. Not sure if I’d go again though, I can do that at home!

I wish I had done more but with Sienna it needs to be whatever I can fit in! Today I had lots of visitors so I just banged out a quick 20 min cardio. In hindsight, I could have fitted in more but I didn’t know at the time! Doh! 


Question: How do you fit exercise in?


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