Friday Fitness #2!


Uhh, so this week has been rubbish. I think it must have been a little bug or something, not a hangover. A 5 day hangover? Surely that’s not right?

This is how I’ve felt ALL week..


& I’ve given in 😦

But it’s ok, we are all human & today I have felt MUCH better. Fingers crossed it will continue and next week I can kill it with workout & get more protein and veg in!

So this week’s workouts? Disappointing but better than nothing I guess?! It’s hard when you constantly feel sick, have a headache and zilch energy, but I tried!

Saturday; REST
Sunday; REST
Monday; REST
Tuesday; REST
Wednesday; Blogilates Gangnam style workout x8
Thursday; blogilates squat challenge, Bootyful butt challengeDrive by inner thighs.
Friday; REST

Question: What has been your favourite workout this week?


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