3 Day Hangover?!

I did the ultimate ‘health blogger’ sin. I went out & got drunk. Yes, Saturday night saw me stumbling out of a club and home to my mums for only 3 hours sleep before Sienna needed me. 


Having a big interest in health & fitness, I don’t make a habit of drinking a lot. In fact, I don’t even really like the stuff. I suppose that’s probably worse as when I do drink, it’s a binge drinking session to purely get drunk. It’s no fun going clubbing with your friends if you’re the only sober one after all!


The thing i hate most about it, is i suffer really badly. It’s now 4 days after the sin binge and I still don’t feel back to ‘normal’. I still feel a bit light headed, dizzy, the thought of certain foods turn my stomach… Needless to say the past 4 days have been spent led on the sofa stuffing my face with carbs. No workouts, not much water, not much veg. It’s now that I regret it, all I want is to feel better and get back to working out & feeling strong, not relying on sugar laden cake to make me feel better for 20 minutes.


Today, I am feeling slightly better than yesterday. I’m going to get some water and green tea into me to try and rehydrate and then do some light cardio. You’ve all heard the term ‘sweat it out’ ;).


One thought on “3 Day Hangover?!

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