WIAW & cutting down cardio!

Today has been pretty hectic! Sienna & I got up and I chilled with my coffee like usual. We went to have breakfast but we were out of fruit.. except bananas and apple which are not my favourite. Luckily, they are Sienna’s favourite so that’s what she had. I had my usual today but without fruit. 


After breakfast we got ready for a walk, i didn’t bother to shower because i knew i wanted to do an arm workout when i got back and would get sweaty walking anyway. We just had to run a few errands and buy strawberries! I took a Lidl cereal bar with me.



When we got back, Sienna was asleep so i left her in her pushchair, got into my workout gear and started my arm workout. 

I did the blogilates Want U back arms, sexy shoulders & beautiful backbikini bod 2 arms & abs. I was nearly finished when Sienna woke up but she was happy watching me for a while. The second i had finished, my phone stared ringing & it was my brother, he needed a lift to hospital as he had got a nail stuck in his leg. He’s a builder, i’m used to his accidents! I speedily had to shower, get changed and feed me and Sienna before we left.

I grabbed a sandwich thin with roast chicken pieces & light coleslaw. I also had a pack of hula hoops as i was craving carbs! Here’s the chicken i used, not the best but we need to go food shopping badly!



I grabbed a handful of strawberries to snack on in the car on the way to get my brother.


Needless to say we spent most of the afternoon driving & waiting! BORING and no afternoon snack. Just water at the hospital.

We got home around 5pm and i started dinner straight away. Wednesday evenings is football training for Warren so we have dinner early and it’s usually something quick and easy. Tonight it was sausage & broccoli pasta! 


With a sprinkling of cheese 😉 Sienna had the pasta, broccoli and sausage. 


Sienna goes to bed, Warren goes to training and I then get a night to myself to pamper & blog, bliss! 

So now i’m sat here with a mocha (2 tsp coffee, 1 tsp cocoa powder, 2 tsp sweetener, water, soya milk) and i want to talk about cardio.


Cutting down on cardio.

When i first started trying to shift the baby weight, i focused on eating clean foods, eating the correct portion sizes and a lot of cardio. I would do HIITs, kickboxing and POP cardio videos. When i lost most of the weight, i started doing more toning/strength training to firm everything up and get some definition back and a little bit of cardio.

Now i’m pretty much where i want to be. Don’t get me wrong, i still want a bit more definition and i want to maintain the weight loss. But lately i’ve been feeling like i do enough cardio in my day to day life. I don’t sit in an office all day not moving. I am always rushing around after Sienna, doing chores, i hardly ever stop and i do get some cardio in by walking with Sienna to run errands etc. For the business some days i am cutting and sanding wood and it is all hard work. To be honest, some nights, i am just too tired to move.

So i have decided to stop the cardio for now.

Before, i would do cardio one day and strength the next, about 4-6 times a week. Now, I’m going to be doing an hour of strength training on any one body part 3-6 days a week. If i feel like i haven’t got enough cardio through my day to day life or i want to burn some energy/stress away, i will do a cardio workout. Some times i do crave a nice long, slow run, but i used to do it because i had to as my cardio and not allow myself to go slow, i did not enjoy it. Now i can go slow and enjoy it because it’s for enjoyment, not solely burning calories. 

I will document how i’m getting on, i will still continue to eat clean and watch my portion sizes as nutrition is 80% of what you look like. I don’t own any scales as i tend to get obsessed but my father in law does so i will keep an eye on my weight whenever we go to visit and make sure i am maintaining.


Question: Would you ever cut out cardio? Do you get better results from longer strength training sessions on one body part?


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