A Day In My Life!

Today has been a day chilling at home with Sienna and doing the chores, like Mondays. As always, i got up and got a coffee while Sienna stretched her legs from sleeping all night.

Image(yes, that does say ‘top daddy’, it’s the biggest mug we have 😉

I caught up on emails and blogs for a bit until Sienna decided she was hungry, she’s never hungry when she first wakes up but she is sure to let me know when she is. She’s is such a good eater like her mama, she always has a whole banana & usual 1 piece of toast with pb&j!

Lately, i have been loving my usual but with raspberries, such a nice sharpness with the sweet honey and nutty butter. YUM!


After breakfast, we have a little play & read some books. She loves books and it’s a nice little bit of quality time we get together, even though i’m with her all day, most of the time i am so busy doing stuff i am just ‘with her’. I find it hard but a mama still has to work!


After this hard reading, Sienna goes down for a nap for about 45 mins & i do some chores! For my snack today, i tried a new to me bar, i got these in Lidl and they were only £1.19 for 8 bars! They also have great stats, although i don’t quite believe them!


Apparently they only have 120 cals, 2g protein & 0.3g sugar—> that is amazing, especially as it tastes like it is loaded with some kind of syrup. But if that’s what it says…!! Can’t beat the price either.

After my snack, Sienna wakes while i still have some chores to do so Sienna just follows me around playing with (safe) things in each room. She loves exploring and it’s so cute to watch!

In this heat, Sienna hasn’t been hungry for lunch food, she just has a bottle of milk. I’m not too worried as she has a good breakfast & lots of fluids. Lunch time for me is a grab-and-go kinda thing these days, unless it coincides with Sienna’s nap. Today, it didn’t. I grabbed a cheese & coleslaw sandwich thin & a handful of cherry tomatoes.


After I have my lunch, i carry on with more chores and work. I’m up and down the stairs so i pop Sienna in her Magicbed, she’s pretty good at keeping herself amused bless her and i make sure i keep talking to her while i’m busying around.


I get her back out while i do some blog work on the laptop, she decides to play peek a boo with my legs! Haha.


After more playing, it’s now around 3pm & time for another nap. I put the washing out, do the bins, do a leg workout & squeeze in a quick shower. When i get out the shower, Sienna is still sleeping so i quickly take 5 mins to sit down with a coffee, protein bar & magazine.


She wakes up while i’m half way through but you can’t be mad with this face!


By now it’s around 4:30pm so we just have a little more play time waiting for daddy to get home. I start making dinner about 5ish while Sienna gets her allocated slot of TV. At the moment she loves ‘In the night garden’ and i put her back in her Magicbed so she can’t make her way out into the kitchen, it’s too dangerous while i’m cooking!

Daddy gets home at 5:20ish, gets changed and has play time with Sienna while i finish off tea. Then we all sit down at the table to dinner. We had pork stir fry with quinoa and Sienna munches on some carrots.



We clear up & Daddy gets Sienna dressed in her new spanish outfit from Grandma’s holiday. Perfect for this weather!


 It’s my dad’s birthday so we go to visit. We get home around 9pm, Sienna goes straight to bed after falling asleep in the car and we have some ‘us’ time and watch CSI whilst eating cereal!

This is pretty much a normal day for us if we are not doing anything. It’s busy but i do love it! I hope you enjoyed this post, sorry it was a long one but i just felt like sharing our day with you 🙂

Question: If you have children and are a stay at home mum/work from home mum, do you feel bad for having to do chores/work and not spend all your time with them?


3 thoughts on “A Day In My Life!

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post.
    With regards to your question – I am a SAHM with two children (one aged 10 & a baby aged 10 months) and yes I do feel guilty for spending parts of my day doing chores and stuff, but like you I make sure he can see me/be in the same room as me with toys he likes & I still talk to him. I figure it has to be done otherwise we would never had clean clothes & a messy house lol

    (LisaMcP from Twitter)

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