Lack of sleep

This weekend was a heavy one, Saturday night we went out to some pubs/clubs with some of Warren’s colleagues. We didn’t get in until about 3:30am Sunday.. ugh! I probably drank far too much alcohol and ate too many cheesy chips, but we had a good night!! Warren had been out from 10:30am to watch the England V Sri Lanka cricket game, i had to work so i met with them afterwards about 8:30pm!

I was the only girl and the men he was with were a lot older but we still had a good time! I was going to drink and drive us home but i decided, i rarely go out and it’s my birthday on Thursday so i’ll celebrate now! I didn’t drive home, obviously, we got a cab and i left my car in the car park!

Here are some pics from our night!

somehow i came home with a wedding ring!?..


So after this weekend, i am soo tired! And i feel like i’ve eaten and drank loads of rubbish, i just feel hugeeee! So what better way to get rid of it than a really healthy detox week??!

Well, you all know i couldn’t REALLY detox.. i’m just watching what i eat a bit more!

This morning i had my usual bowl of mixed cereal, but i had vanilla rice milk instead of original oat milk.

The vanilla rice milk is very sweet and i didn’t like it in my coffee, my in my cereal it was alright!

Lunch was taken with me and eaten at work. It was a pretty boring lunch, a garlic chicken & mayo sandwich and a packet of hula hoops!

This is a standard lunch for me because its easy to take and fills a hole! So expect to see a lot of these!

My afternoon/pre workout snack was pb & banana!

This fuels me well, is easy to take to work and is yummy! This is my usual afternoon snack everyday!

I got in from work about half an hour ago and Warren has just got home now! I’m just drinking coffee to try and wake me up, i need to do a workout but really not feeling it!!

How do you get motivated for a workout after you’ve been at work and/or you’re tired?


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