Protein for energy?

From maxitone i’ve read that drinking protein shakes and eating protein bars are a good way to keep your energy up and stop cravings. I definitely need some of this right now. I’m constantly tired and feel exhausted, theres no way i can do workouts. I’ve attempted 2 this week with my best intentions but i’m just not feel it and get 10 mins in and i’m so knackered, i could fall asleep there and then. I keep grabbing biscuits and sweets to give me instant energy but its making me feel rubbish!

I have had blood tests and get the results tomorrow but i really don’t want to need medication just to stay awake and be able to do some exercise, its silly!!

So do you find protein shakes/bars help keep your energy up and cravings down? Which is the best rice protein powder out there?? 


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