Analyse my diet!

So today i had a day off and decided to snap everything i ate. I’m going on holiday to Turkey on the 14th April and i really want to have a bikini body to be comfortable in. I thought giving you an insight of my days eat would help you give me some advice on what i can change to get bikini ready!

Baring in mind, yesterday i had my braces changed and so i’m finding it difficult to chew and bite down, therefore i have to eat ‘soft’ foods for a few days!

I started the day with some oats, 1 sliced banana, full fat soya milk, cinnamon and low fat peanut butter.

i love the way it melts, mmm!

I left a good hour to digest this and guzzle down a litre of water. I then did a small workout. Just a 10 min warm up, 15 min cardio workout and 10 minutes abs & cool down. All from this DVD, which i LOVE! I’m easing in the exercise slowly, so i don’t become exhausted in the first week. I’m planning to do this quick workout every other day, then increase it.

After my workout, i took a long shower and then it was lunch time!

I had sausages in the fridge that needed cooking, i cooked them all and then used 2 to make a sandwich for my lunch, with ketchup and wholemeal bread! 🙂 Probably my favourite thing to eat..

I also had a coffee and a go ahead oat bar after my sandwich.

For my afternoon snack i had a small bowl of soggy cereal with soya milk.

A mix of shreddies and cornflakes. yummy!

When Warren got home from work, we decided to have a go at making a mexican omelet.

Recipe to come, it was delicious, i had 2nd helpings!


From analysing my diet i can see;

– It’s very carb heavy (even though it’s mainly wholegrains),
– It’s really lacking in fruit and vegetables,
– I could do with some protein packed snacks, instead of sweet carbs.


Do you have any ideas how to improve my diet? Any protein packed snack ideas (suitable for my lactose intolerance)?


3 thoughts on “Analyse my diet!

  1. i def think you need more fruit and veg!! and stay away from processed sugary food like the cereal and oat bar… try eatiing larabars or fruit and nuts with no added things… also you def should go for all natural 100% peanut butter.. not the low fat kind. . the fat in peanut butter is HEALTHY fat and will keep you FULLER for longer.. the low fat kind just has MORE sugar to make it taste better, which is even worse ! ketchup is full of sugar too but a little is fine!!.. hope these tips help!

  2. You can add protein to your breakfast, by adding a tsbp of protein powder into your oats. I also recomend smoothies, for breakfast, a liquid lunch or even half the smoothie for a mid day snack. Load those babies up with some protein powder, some fruit(2-3) and then pick some greens to blend in (spinach, kale, parsley, sprouts).

    Look at some ancient grains, like protein packed millet, or some quinoa, barley.

    Make an effort to have at least 1 serving of fruit and veggies at each meal. Precut and pack your veggies for an easy grab like your current snack listed above. And have your fruit out on display in a nice bowl. You are more likely to snack on them if you can see them.

    Good luck!

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