Grocery shopping and 30 day shred!!!

I had 2 exciting parcels the last few days!!! Do excuse the crappy photos, they’re form the bfs iphone because of my camera, which i told you about in my last post!

First parcel came yesterday and was my maxitone!!

So exciting! I got the chocolate definity shake (although i wish i’d got vanilla because i will be cooking with it more than drinking it as a shake i think!) , a box of definity crisp bars and the maxitone shaker! I got the definity range because it’s specifially for toning, whereas the sculptress range is speifically for weight loss. I got the shaker free because i got shake and bars and i got £5 off because it was my first order!! They also sent me this;

A £5 voucher and a refer a friend leaflet, if i refer a friend, they get £10 and i get £15 when they make an order! So if any of you want to order something, let me know chickens! 😉 I haven’t tried anything yet, i’m saving it for tomorrow when i start this;

30 day shred!! I’m soo excited its crazy! I watched level 1 today and it doesn’t look too disimilar from my Vicky Binns workout! It actually looks a bit easier so we’ll see… it’s definitatly my kind of workout though, i hate repetition and stopping, it annoys me, i love me going from one to the other and just get it done so to speak! 🙂 So for my start day tomorrow, i’m going to be prety strict with what i eat. My boyfriend is even taking my chocolate stash home!! (except my dark chocolate ;))

I’m going to do this religiously but i am going to rest 1 day each week, so it will in theory take me a little more than 30 days 🙂 I’m ready for taking my measurements and starting pictures in the morning and will post them on my 30 day shred page!, so check them out tomorrow evening 🙂 I’m dreading the pictures going up.. i have been a little careless and put on weight and not toned at all, but this is the start of all that changing forever 🙂

I also stocked up on my good healthy foods today! The essentials of my life…

..can’t live without my breakfasts! Mmm!!

My cheeses and yogurt… don’t worry i got 6 tubs of 0% fage 😉

My fruit & veg drawer is overflowing…

yummy!! 🙂

The thing i’m most excited about that isnt food!! shock horror!!

I got some measuring cups!! And they were cheaper than when i spotted them last week, bargain! Lol! Now i can use all your lovely american recipes with cups measurements!!

So check back tomorrow on my 30 day shred page to see the disgusting starting pics and measurements! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Grocery shopping and 30 day shred!!!

  1. Good luck with the shred! People seem to have a love/hate relationship with it- Jillian is awesome IMO.

    Yay for groceries and cool packages! Can’t wait for a verdict on the bars- what did you think of the musclepack one you tried?

    Have you tried Quark yet? Nutritionals are pretty much identical to Fage, but it’s more like the texture of cream cheese- around 70p for a 2 serving tub (should be by cottage cheese/cream cheese). I am hooked just because it is so cheap- melts amazingly on hot oats or in savoury dishes too.

    • Ahh so excited about the shred! Just took my pics to start, ew they’re awful!! Lol!!

      That musclepack one was so yummy!! I love vanilla so its all good!! and i’m eating a definity one as i type, ahhh its heaven! Cranberry and it has yogurt on the bottom!

      i have never heard of quark, i’m on the tesco website and i can’t find it on there! I thought it was butter?!! haha!!

      • and my fage yogurt is only 80p and i usually get a few servings out of a 150g tub! I only have a spoon into my oats and then a spoon for snack or whatever. But i will look out for that Quark!

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