Little Miss Piggy!

Yesterday i was so hungry!! I think it was because i did 30 mins aerobics and then some abs work and then straight onto my weights. Usually i do my weights and cardio on different days or one in the morning, one at night, not the whole lot together!

For breakfast, i had the usually oats with banana and peanut butter, but i tried it with a dollop of greek yogurt.

I’m not sure how i feel about it, i didn’t mix the yogurt in so it tasted a bit sour when i had that part! Maybe i should mix it all together next time!? I also added my banana in half way through the cooking time, instead of just sliced on top at the end-oh what a difference!! Definately nicer with cooked banana!
After my cardio and weights workout, i had my usually greek yogurt and th eother 1/2 my banana but i crumbled my first ever protein bar into it!

This beauty was spotted in a health food store which i went into just to have a look. Needless to say because i had no money on me, it was an awesome shop and i wanted to buy everything! So my mum gave me the money to buy just one of these to try it! I thought it was ok, but being my first ever protein bar i didn’t know what to expect- it tasted a little weird at first but i got used to it and by the time i came to have the other half in the evening, i loved it! I plan to go back there tomorrow because i’m sure i saw some Almond butter waiting to be sold πŸ˜‰

I think i was really thirsty after my workout and i didn’t drink enough, because i was craving cold milk! I should have just made a milkshake but being little miss pigy, i had a bowl of cereal and 2 kiwis!

I then had a second lunch! Geez!! What a fatty! Lol!I had a ham, cucumber and pickle sandwich.

I wouldn’t usually eat this much but i knew i had a dentist appointment straight after work at 5:10pm! Obviously i was at work so i couldn’t clean my teeth, so i didn’t have anything to eat from 12pm when i had my lunch before work, until about 6pm when i got home from the dentist! And i was quite hungry! I had the other half my protein bar, a lemon mousse and a spoon of peanut butter (naughty having 2 in one day!) and low and behold an empty pot!

I know some of you girls get excited about this but i don’t understand why. Why do you put your oats in it? Help me out girlies!!

The boyfriend was around after i had the dentist so i cooked something he wanted; Chicken Kievs! We had them with chips but i had a load of veggies (broccoli, green beans, peas and cauliflower) and a dollop of extra light mayo (we had no ketchup, shock horror!) too!

I really want to try to make my own chicken kievs one day, because i know they’re pretty calorific and fattening! These were a lower fat brand so they weren’t too bad i guess. It was then off to the supermarket for some late night shopping! I wasn’t hungry when i got back but the boyfriend brought some new cinnamon cereals so i had to try them! A bit of a food overload yesterday! Today is going to be alot better! I’ve already had my breakfast, and i’m shortly off for a practise driving test! Ahhh!! not long to go until my real one!!


6 thoughts on “Little Miss Piggy!

  1. Girl Oats in a jar rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so yummy when you put hot oats in an almost empty jar because all the pb on the sides thats hard to scrape out and the bottom, all melts together with the oats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!! U must try it!!!

    I hope you have a great day and love your eats!! xoxo

  2. I am so excited that we can swop UK food tips, LOL.

    Oats in a jar are good because the PB is in all the bites. Plus it’s fun to eat out a jar! I cook my oats and banana at the same time- makes it so much sweeter and creamier. I mix the yogurt in too, but I sweeten it first…plain Greek is too tart for me.

    I am not a huge fan of the Trek bars- have you had a look in Holland and Barrett? They have some good things- I really like the vanilla coconut powerbars they sell. Not unlike a milky way in texture, but more protein-y…expensive though. I make my own bars/mini protein cookies now which works out cheaper and I love the taste.

    Chicken kiev = delish. I haven’t had it for a while- Marks and Spencer’s do a REALLY nice vegetarian kiev if you fancy a change one time. It’s filled with kidney beans and cheese. Love it πŸ˜€

    • Ahh i’m so excited aswell!! haha! I might try it oats in a jar on sunday!! What do you sweeten your Greek yogurt with?

      The Trek bar wasn’t that great! Holland and barretts is where i found it, but i was with my parents and didn’t really have a good look around, but i will tomorrow!! How do you make protein bars/cookies?? I need to order some protein powder but it’s so expensive!! And i don’t want to get natural flavour because i want it as shakes and don’t think that will taste too good!!

      I’ve never looked at Marks & Spencer’s food! I know, how bad! lol! kidney beans and cheese sounds delicious! I eat meat but sometimes i love veggie food! haha!

      • I use Hermeseta powder to sweeten it, but honey is really good too. I got protein powder really cheap on eBay- Reflex vanilla instant whey. It doesn’t taste amazing but is good IN stuff- I make the oat cookie things by mixing: 15g oats, cinnamon, 1/2 scoop protein powder and vanilla extract. Mix well and stir in 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter. Will be clump and dry so you might need 2 spoons to squash it together. Add 1 tbsp milk and mix REALLY well. Line a plate with cling film and use the 2 spoons to put the mix on. Fold the clingfilm over and squash the mix down into a cookie shape and stick in the fridge overnight.

        I love veggie food too despite not being vegetarian- Holland and Barrett sell frozen Amy’s meals which are REALLY good, and the quorn sausage rolls taste just like meat ones but much healthier.

      • oooo thanks! no need to bake the cookies, awesome! lol! i might have a look on ebay! i was considering the maxitone definity shakes because they’re specifically for toning up! but they’re Β£18.99 and that only lasts 7 days! :O lol!!

        I’ve seen alot of Amy’s meals around, i might check them out! I’m off to holland and barretts in a bit! Thanks πŸ™‚ xx

  3. OIAJ (oats in a jar)!!! You should leave a little more of the nut butter in there, then you add in the hot creamy oats…perfection! Give it a try, and tell me you aren’t hooked. It saves clean up too and you get those last little bits of the nut butter.

    And I just like eating out of jars πŸ˜‰ lol. Smoothies in jars. Yogurt in jars. I don’t know. πŸ™‚

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