A bit of chocolate never hurt…

Today has been a bit of a horrible day. Not in any way particular, i just had a bad driving lesson and again i feel i have eaten lots because i’ve kind of been ‘picking’ this afternoon. I had my breakfast, the usual, then my driving lesson, i then came back and had a yummy slice of melon to ‘start’;

Then a scrambled egg, salad and salsa sandwic. Eggs+ Salsa = meant to be! Yummmmy! I was working 1pm until 7:50pm, so i had my lunch at noon and then 2 snacks in the afternoon. First snack was this;

A 150g greek yogurt, a handful of almond, oats & more cereal, a snack pack of raisins and a spoonful of low sugar jam. It was yummy! It was kept out the fridge for a couple hours though, so the cereal went soft but it was still yummy!! Second snack was nature valley bar, oats & honey. soo good!

Then when i got home, i had half a bowl of winter vegetable soup with a wholewheat wrap, low fat soft cheese and 2 pieces of ham. yummmmmmmmy!!

Nutritionally, this soup is great!! 51% vegetables, only 163 cals, 3.3g fat and just over 7g protein per serving! pretty good for a veggie soup!

I’ve also had 4 sqs of fruit & nut chocolate, a lemon sherbert boiled sweet and a few sugar free mint polos. All unpictured πŸ™‚ I guess looking at it now, it’s not much calories, just a lot of quantity! have a good weekend!!


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